Semester Coaching


Our law mentor, Miss Sonal Gupta, has a firm belief that seeds of a sound legal career are sown in the class rooms of law school. The dream of judiciary is not something to be seen after completing law, rather it is a dream to be realised in every lecture, every class. With this mission, she conceived the concept of ‘semester coaching’. What started as an experiment has now been pioneered by Miss Gupta. It would also be worthy to mention that she is the first one to think of and start this concept!

Semester coaching is basically the concept of teaching basic legal subjects from the first year itself. This would include core legal areas such as Law of Crimes, Law of Contract, Torts, Family law, Constitutional law; procedural laws such law of evidence, criminal and civil procedure and also ancillary yet very important subjects such as Law of limitation, Specific Relief, Registration etc. These subjects would be picked semester by semester.

The biggest setback which law students face when they start preparing for competitive exams is that though they have studied legal subjects in their graduation, the interpretation and command upon the subject as demanded by these exams is entirely different. While the basic concepts remain the same, the approach and answer presentation becomes the touch stone to produce judicial officers and civil servants. It is with this broader vision that semester classes are planned – not only to help students to excel in their faculty examinations but at the same time, prepare them for Masters and also coveted government jobs!

Each subject is taught in great details to cover each and every aspect so as to ensure exhaustive study upon it. While smaller subjects such as Partnership and Specific Relief may require 10-15 lectures, medium subjects such as Hindu Law and Muslim law, The law of Contract, The law of Torts may span over 20-25 classes and longer areas such as the Law of Crimes, Civil and Criminal Procedure may run for 50-60 hours! We have no clocks on the wall, no watch in the wrist while teaching because we have 3/5 years to produce a legal professional! We believe in quality teaching, complete command over the bare act and excellent answer writing. These skills are acquired over time and we are ready to invest all our time in our students. Also, to ensure effective learning and absorption of concepts, we follow a system of 3 tier test –

    • Topic wise test – Once a particular topic is complete, test of that topic is taken to ensure that the concept has been fully understood. This would help the students to identify any weak area and to clarify all doubts concerning it to gain a complete mastery upon each individual topic. Any subject would include a minimum of 10 topical tests which could go up to 30 in case of bigger subjects.
    • Subject wise test – Once a subject is complete, 4 tests of that subject are given to ensure full command upon that subject. Having already given test of all individual topics, full subject test make a student thoroughly confident upon that area.
    • Full syllabus Test – Once the entire syllabus of semester is done, then would start the full test. This is the ultimate confidence booster instrument which helps students to study the syllabus in its entirety and give tests upon the same. This can be termed as a rehearsal of the final show and completely prepares them for the semester exam. Also, it takes away the anxiety and fear attached with the examination and makes students relaxed and confident helping them ace their exams. This also considerably improves their answer writing skills thus, paving way for the higher competition.

So lets start our journey from classroom to bar to bench!

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