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About Us


"EXCEL RANGE MEDIA," India's most reputable provider of digital marketing training and certifications, assists students in transforming their careers and becoming future-ready.

In 2013, we first launched this company on an unofficial basis to gauge our individual abilities. Individually, we worked as freelancers, personal brand consultants, and branding strategists for a variety of companies. But 2015 was the year we formally established ourselves as "Excel Range Media," with the goal of becoming India's top digital marketing agency.

Excel Range Media is a full-service digital marketing agency that specialises in advanced digital marketing, graphic design, and web design training. We have developed over 200 visually appealing websites, as well as over 2000 social media and SEO campaigns.

Excel Range Media continues to expand and is dedicated to advancing student careers and providing increased ROI to our partners.


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The Time Machine

A Timeline of Our Journey


Foundation of the Company

We started this business unofficially in 2013, testing ourselves individually. In our personal capacities, we worked as Freelancers, Personal Brand Advisers, and Branding Strategists for a variety of companies. However, 2015 was the year we established "Excel Range Media" with the goal of becoming India's best digital marketing agency. We work with our clients to digitally establish businesses and set up recurring revenue. Our goal is to reduce our clients' marketing costs while growing their businesses.

1st Year Successfully Completed2016

Successfull Year

It is the time when Excel Range Media completed its first year in business. By the end of the first year, we had enrolled 25+ clients for Digital Marketing Services, and we had developed over 15 websites for E-Commerce Projects, Educational Institutions, and Professionals. Our success was not only in acquiring projects, but also in keeping them. In our first year, we were able to gain and keep our clients' trust through our marketing skills and results. We don't just work for companies and businesses; we also work for the people who build them and their visions for them. We place emphasis on the process and strive to provide significant benefits to our clients.

New Horizons2017

Entered into New Vertical - Education

We are now two years old. Excel Range Media had grown in all aspects by this point. This was the point at which we decided to move our idea from Draft to Inbox. The plan was to train 50 students every quarter in skills such as digital marketing, web design, and graphic design. We got into education because we believe in growing together and broadening our knowledge and skills in this field. Despite financial and logistical challenges, as well as a lack of students to begin with, we persisted and continued our work in the education sector. We established a 'learn and intern' system in order to make this initiative sustainable and beneficial to both us and our students.

Growing Teams2018

4 Years Older Now

As the name implies, Excel Range Media excelled in the field of providing Digital Education as well. Our unique 'Learn and Intern' feature set our students apart. This is the year when we hit a new high, with over 1000 students enrolled both online and offline. Our students received 100% placements and many even started their own businesses as a result of our training. With our goal of inclusive growth and holistic development for our students, we found potential partners in our students. With 96% client retention, we gained confidence in our long-term goal of becoming India's best digital marketing agency.

Growing Stronger...2019

Reaching New Heights

As we enter our fifth year in business, we have realised that we have strengthened our foundation to the core, with over 100 clients and students associated with Excel Range Media. This year will be an Inflection Point in our Growth, where we may form a J Curve in our Growth Journey

Awards 2020

We persisted and thrived in the face of a global challenge

As we were locked inside our homes due to Covid pandemic, we continued to work from home to digitally serve our clients . Despite the difficulties, all of our employees, students, and clients remained confident in our work and vision.

New Milestone2021

A New Milestone Achieved

When the pandemic forced people to do everything digitally, Excel Range Media saw an opportunity to help people navigate the digital realm by providing them with necessary digital services and training. During this time, we had over 200 clients and 50 students join us.

Happy Clients2022

5K Happy Clients

We experienced four-fold growth. Our client and student base is constantly expanding. We were honoured with numerous awards and registrations, including the MSME certification. Our current goal is to be the best digital marketing company and institute in the Delhi NCR.

Vision 2023

Our Vision is to touch & transform 1000+ Clients & Students digitally in order to achieve growth and success by 2023.
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We analyse the Client's requirements and conduct research based on the findings.


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We develop creative solutions to assist our clients with top marketing strategies.


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Implement and carry out strategic plans to achieve business-defined goals and growth.


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A top-tier strategy that addresses current and potential customers' needs and desires.