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Social Media and Politics in India

Nowadays, social media is more than simply a safe place to connect with loved ones. Instead, it has evolved into a significant arena for political participation and the development of fresh political discourse.

The general people might not be unfamiliar with social media. The importance of social media in political campaigns did not, however, emerge until the 2008 US presidential elections, when Barack Obama was the incumbent. Political candidates may reach a larger audience and do so in real time thanks to social networking.

As a result, since the US presidential election in 2020, social media and politics have undergone significant transformation.

Why Political campaign??

The purpose of the election campaigns is to hold a free and open debate regarding which candidate would make a better representative and, consequently, which party would create a better government. Between the publication of the final candidate list and the election day in India, there is a two-week campaign period.

Our successful Campaigns
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  • # 10+ Cr Paid Budget Managed
  • # 50+ Happy Clients
  • # 5+ States Covered
  • # 50+ CR Impressions Delivered
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Benefits of Political Campaigning

  • Bringing Awareness to the Masses
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Reducing Barriers
  • Improved Analytical System
  • Reduction in cost and raises standards
  • 24*7 Campaign Advertising
  • Target Audience
  • Global Reach

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Our Development Process


Define the Victory

It is crucial that everyone supports the primary goal or goals of your campaign. Additionally, you must make sure that your campaign's definition of success is clear and applicable. What precisely are you trying to accomplish? How will you know when your goal has been reached?


Evaluate the Campaign Climate

Once you've determined what constitutes a campaign victory, it's necessary to evaluate the setting in which your outreach will be used. Understanding your problem or your audience can help you develop a plan that will maximise the positive effects and enhance any negative ones. Find out what is now working in your favour and what potential barriers could cause your message to be overlooked or misunderstood.


Choose Your Influence Strategy

As you move through each step, be aware of the decision-makers who will determine your success. These could be citizens, business associates, or public servants. Decide who has the most influence with these decision-makers after that. To help your idea get traction, you should get in touch with and engage these folks. Term such as "the general public," "voters," or "women" should be avoided.


Manage Your Campaign

After you've established the main strategies for accomplishing your goals, you still need to arrange the day-to-day details to make it happen. Every assignment needs to include a due date or timetable, an owner, key performance indicators like results, and a budget. It's important to think about measures that influence outcomes when discussing metrics. Remember to share little victories with your team after your campaign is up and running to keep everyone motivated. I'm in charge of maintaining everyone's motivation

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Retention Rate

Digital Marketing Agency will only grow if it's client retention rate is higher. We have over 96% retention of our clients. We believe in developing long-term relations and that can only happen if we provide timely and quality services. Grow Your Business with Excel Range Media.


Timely Delivery

There is a saying, Time Flies & Time is more important than money. We completely buy this point. Any Digital Marketing Plan will fail if it’s not delivered timely. We are strong believers of this concept, whatever it takes we need to complete the tasks on Time.


Strategic Approach

Any Digital Marketing Strategy is bound to fail if not applied strategically. It is not about winning the game in rush, it is all about going step by step and achieving success. For every requirement, there is a completely different strategy.


We Love What We Do

We only hire people who love what they do. Digital Marketing is an amalgamation of art and logic. Art only comes when you are happy doing your work. We believe in going the extra mile to achieve goals for our clients. And yes, we earned lots of love and respect from our clients.


More Ears, Less Talks - Believes in Action

We have always felt that if we listen more to our client’s requirements and then act on it the results are bound to come. At Excel Range Media we believe to Listen More and Then Act Accordingly in order to build a Successful & Tailored Digital Strategy for each client.


Ample Resources & Young Talent

Excel Range Media is a Digital Marketing Agency & an Institute for Digital Marketing, Web Designing & Graphic Designing. When we say we have ample resources we mean it, Apart from having professionals we have an army of 50 Young Trainees every Quarter to work tirelessly in order to achieve results.